Energy Trading


In general, energy markets are inherently volatile due to the direct influence of multiple political events, environmental variables, weather conditions, government laws, supply and demand, and so on. Crude oil is the most frequently traded commodity in the energy sector on a global scale, and its high volatility makes it a popular choice for short-term traders looking for prospective trading opportunities in this market's swift price swings. It's more than just a resource that allows us to have fuel, gasoline, and other chemical components - it's a geopolitical asset. As a result, its price varies significantly, possibly providing a plethora of investing and trading possibilities. With ViewmaxFX, you may trade two major crude oil brands: WTI (West Texas Intermediate) and Brent.

The goal of oil trading is to foresee the asset's price and profit based on the correct prediction. Everything is the same for traders when it comes to trading currencies. The price corresponds to the prices of the corresponding futures contracts on the Intercontinental and New York Mercantile Exchanges.

Brent v/s WTI

You may invest in two key oil benchmarks. They are Brent and WTI. Brent is a benchmark for markets in Europe and Asia. This benchmark consists of numerous oil grades produced on the Norwegian and Scottish shelf blocks of Brent, Ekofisk, Oseberg, and Forties.

WTI is a Western Hemisphere trade mark. It is extracted from oil fields in the United States, particularly in Texas, Louisiana, and North Dakota.

There are two distinctions between these two standards. The first is a geographical place, and the second is a chemical formula. That is why their prices differ. WTI is less expensive than Brent. However, looking at their charts, you won't see any substantial changes in their motions.

Unique Features

  • Low Margin Requirements
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Low margin requirements
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Fast & Reliable Execution

Why ViewmaxFX?

Oil and gas CFD trading is a practical and flexible approach for investors to diversify their portfolios — and these assets remain a popular choice among traders today. With ViemaxFX you can trade CFDs on the following commodities:

  • UK Brent oil
  • US crude oil

Trading energy derivatives offers portfolio diversification and better flexibility because you may trade freely without owning the underlying asset.

Our experienced professionals allow us to identify changing crude oil flows and evolving market dynamics. We provide commercial help through custom-tailored, structured transactions that use our risk management, financial, and investing experience. With years of experience Viewmaxfx has focused its attention on helping our customers develop justifiable hedge plans to better control the price of energy. Our experience in establishing and implementing risk management strategies extends to all aspects of the process.

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